VG: 50% PG: 50%
Contains: 30ml.
Bottle capacity: 60ml.
Possible max nicotine strength: 6mg.

The 'Premium Mix Bottle' makes mixing your own liquid very easy!
Equipped with the new twist tip, that is removed by simply turning it anti-clockwise, leaving a hole in the bottle lid for you to easy add concentrate and nicotine base.

The "GREY" Premium Mix Bottle is a 60ml. bottle pre-filled with 30ml. of the highest grade premiun VG and PG.

The 'Premium Mix Bottle' have a marked area for you to add your own label and a white area for you to note your mixing date and mix name.

To make 50ml. in 3mg.
Just add:
10ml. Concentrate.
10ml. 15mg. Nicotine base.

To make 60ml. in 6mg.
Just add:
10ml. Concentrate.
20ml. 18mg. Nicotine base.

'The Premium Mix Bottle' is also used by mixologists for fast and easy mixing newly arrived flavors.


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